The Broken Mirror (2020)

  • Category: Oboe and piano (6'44")
  • Context: Commissioned as "Pièce de Concours" at the AP Hogeschool Antwerpens
  • Premiere: 27 January 2023, Kunstenplek De Graaf, Ghent (BE)
  • Musicians: Louis Baumann, oboe and Yasuko Takahashi, piano
  • Soundcloud

For me, it was the first time I wrote a piece especially for the oboe and so I tried to find a theme that I found typically for this instrument.
The first 4 notes are conceived as a sort of triumph, an outcry but in the positive sense, like demanding attention from the start.
Just like the way the oboe can stand out from the whole orchestra. The continuation (5 notes) is like a mirror, more melancholic.
Later I changed the character of the beginning to sognando and turned the two characters into different variations.
I wanted to make a more melancholic piece and therefor, the beginning became a sort of question.

In short, there are two different main characters in the whole piece, the deciso and the dreamy.
Like a mirror. It's also a broken mirror, because when you see all the shards you see your face in each shard from a different angle.
Each variation is like a shard. Broken mirror is also a sort of broken dream, things that are not as perfect as you imagined from the start.