Nati I Nichta (2018)

  • Category: A song for soprano and piano (also for soprano and string sextet)
  • Context: Based on the Greek poem 'Nati I Nichta'
  • Premiere: Soprano and piano 11 March, 2017 Antwerpen BE
  • Premiere 2: String sextett version 02 February, 2018 Gent BE
  • Musicians: Sophia Poulopoulou soprano and the Rosamunde Sextet
  • Project URL:
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This song for soprano and piano was written for Sophia Poulopoulou,
a superb soprano from Greece who studied with me at the AP in Antwerp.

She chose the poem "Nati I Nichta", a beautiful text in Greek
about the night that spreads out over the world like the tail of a peacock.