Mens (2018-2019)

  • Category: A theater piece for Soprano, trumpet, clarinet, bassoon and violin (15 ')
  • Context: Master graduation project May 2019
  • Premiere: 20 May, 2019 AP Hogeschool Antwerpen
  • Musicians: Alexandra Franck soprano, Manu Mellaerts trumpet, Raymond Dils clarinet, Agnès Clément bassoon, Femke Sonnen violin, Mia Ruysschaert children's voice. Text and concept Femke Sonnen, mis-en-scène Alexandra Franck & Femke Sonnen

What is a human? Not a plant. Not an animal. Not a thing .... or? Not a non-human. It all started with a song by Wim Sonneveld: "I went with Catootje to ..." At the chorus a sentence is added each time. The song forms a chain in which the stanzas are more and more piling up, like a kind of memory game when children are singing together. This principle of the stacking has also been the starting point for my text and composition. In addition, I have used songs from my childhood, among other things.