Juliet & Romeo (2016)

  • Category: A miniature (ready to be inserted) for tenor and string quartet
  • Context: Written for the 'ad libitum' space in the piece 'Aria' by John Cage
  • Premiere: 6 June, 2016 OORWENK! at Art Base Brussels, BE
  • Musicians: Philip Defrancq tenor, Femke Sonnen & Yuri Higashida violin, Vincent Hepp alto, Tom Kanter cello
  • Project URL: Art Base Brussel/Bruxelles

I was inspired by the beautiful voice and original personality of Philip Defrancq.
And that made me write this small work, which is intended to be part of John Cage's "Aria".

In this work comes a moment when Cage writes: 'ad libitum'. At that moment
the string quartet is added and the piece 'Juliet & Romeo' is played,
after which 'Aria' continues.

Juliet & Romeo is performed as an introduction to the work of Elvis Costello "The Juliet Letters".